Friday, March 09, 2007

Gonna Have to Face It...

...I'm addicted to socks.

My lights are on, but I'm not home

My hands... are not my own....
My heart sweats, my body shakes
Another row is what it takes

Whoa, I like to think that I'm immune to the stuff...
Closer to the truth is that I can't get enough...

Oh, you don't like bowdlerized Robert Palmer? How about Salt N Peppa?

Let's talk about socks, to-night

Let's talk about left... and right
Let's talk about all the good yarns
And the bad yarns,

That may fight
Let's talk a-bow-out socks...

After having a fairly good time with the test sock last week, I decided to just jump right in and knit my first pair.

I picked that colour-shift yarn that I bought at Stitches the other weekend.

And then, on Tuesday, with the knitting class all swept up in a Writing Exam for the morning, I had a bit of time on my hands... so I just bit the bullet, and cast on.

I used the 'sock cheat sheet' from the Yarnharlot's book "Knitting Rules!" and decided I'd just knit it stock, not worrying if it's actually gonna fit me. This pair will be the 'pattern' pair, that I examine after they're done, and try to extrapolate from there what I *should* knit from here on in...

I figure, if I'm good, I might have a sock done by Easter.


Perhaps, now, if I'm good, I might have a sock done by tomorrow...

They're addictive. What can I say? I spend my time thinking "I should knit just ONE more round, and then go on to do something else." or... "Hey, I've ironed ONE shirt, I should reward myself with a few rounds!" or... "Well, the boys always take books into the bathroom, is it SO silly of me to bring my sock into the potty with me?"

Yeah. Intervention time, right?

This was yesterday afternoon:
Look at how the colour's moving from the green-and-purple, through green-and-yellow to green-and-red, and now I'm back at the yellow again. This is out in the sunshine, on the playground at Kelly's school. She wanted to play with the after-school-care kids, so I just sat out in a sunbeam, and knitted. Drew quite a crowd, too.

Today, I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to Try It On.

le sigh
It's at this point that I curse my size nine-and-a-halfs. If I was a nice petite size five, I'd be nearly finished the sock now.

I'm already seeing things that I would do differently, dimensions that I would change, but there's NO way I could do that without making a pair straight from the pattern first.

But just wait until I break out my hand-dyed sock yarn for the NEXT pair!

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Glenna C said...

That is some intensely delicious looking sock yarn! Oh, the texture and colour, oh my!