Thursday, May 03, 2007

Week of Suck: The recap

Well, I'll be glad to see the end of this week.

Let's recap, shall we?

1. Monday, Kelly gets hit in the head with a rock at school. Yes, it's an accident, and she's a brave little trooper, but... Blood! Yay! Scabs!

2. Tuesday wee hours, Nate wakes up unable to breathe. Oh, I forgot to write about this. Or maybe I was blocking it from my brain. There go two or three hours of sleep while I cradle him in the bathroom next to the shower, hoping the steam will help him get some relief.

3. Skip witnesses (and is nearly a victim of) a horrific accident.
He says he's OK, but I can't help but steal glances at him when he thinks I'm not looking. Is he *really* ok? He saw a very gory and violent scene. When my mind wanders, I still think "What if he'd been standing *there* instead of going *here* when that big car did *that*?" Yeah. Active Imagination: The Dark Side.

4. I got an email from my father in law. The subject line had one word: Cancer. He has colon cancer, a tumor that's too big to operate on right now. Ken and I would feel horrified and defeated, except that Fred Sr. has this incredible attitude of hope and gratitude for his long and pain-free life (so far), that it's contagious. But it still sucks.

5. And the icing on the Cake of Suck? I just went into the bathroom, sat down, and the toilet seat broke off and skidded off the bowl, sending me flying. I oughtta sue! *shakes fist at the toilet*

Oddly enough, I still feel like smiling today.

May you all find something to smile about, too.

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Glenna C said...

Oh my! What a week indeed! I send virtual hugs and I hope your yarn and non-virtual friends and relations can give you some good company.