Saturday, December 15, 2007

Feed the Fountain, Move the Mountains

Nate's going to be performing in the Christmas Pageant of the Church associated with his School on Sunday. If I were a good mother, I'd be working with him on all the memory work that they'll be doing. But I am not. I'm throwing him to the wolves, and hoping that he's got a memory like his brother and sister.

But that doesn't mean that my beloved daughter doesn't feel the need to step into the gap, and make sure that Nate knows all the words to all the songs.

The other night, we were driving home from somewhere, and she got a little bee in her head that she needed to make sure that Nate knew all the words to "We Three Kings".

All well and good... if she knew the words herself.

But she is nothing if not confident...

So this is what I hear, floating back from the back seats of Homer, as I'm driving in the dark.

"Now, Nate... repeat after me...

We... three kings... of ORION are.. [oh look. They're so wise, they're stellar!]

Bearing gifts... we travel afar... [well, that's pretty close]

Feed the fountain....

Move the mountains...

Following yonder star..."

I've gotta say, I love that line. From now on, I think I, too, will sing "Feed the fountain, move the mountain..."

Skip went out last night to the annual Youth Night Out at church.

I picked him up at 8:30 this morning.

He now holds the dubious crown of "ONLY KID WHO DIDN"T SLEEP ALL NIGHT"

That's my boy. Already in training for the all-nighters he will want to pull in college.

I let him sleep until about 3 this afternoon, and now we'll see if we can get him back into bed before midnight. It might be time to bring out the warm milk, and hope it does its magic.

But first, we'll fill him full of sushi.

Ken took the Littles out this afternoon to decorate cookies at the home of one of his colleagues. Nate's all in a tizzy because he's FINALLY old enough to be included in this exclusive event.

And while they were out, I finished off one of the 'homemade' Christmas presents that's in my queue.

So now there are penguin-print flannel jammie pants under the tree for Nate.

I've got some pirate-map print flannel to make a set for Skip, and this afternoon, while out getting more wrapping paper, I stumbled onto some FANTASTIC fabric that's Disney Fairy print.

And so, tomorrow, we'll see if I can't pound out a pair of jammie pants for Kelly.

Eek! is that the time? I was supposed to already be at the sushi place with Skip.

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