Monday, January 04, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting

Skip was at Kung Fu tonight, beating the tar out of a set of sparring pads, when he suddenly started slowing down. Like some clock-work toy, winding down and running out of steam.

And then I noticed that he wasn't looking terribly buff, anymore.

Sort of pasty.

Even... dare I say...? Ghostlike.

And then he started to weave on his feet a bit. And he put his fists down. And the guy he was sparring with stopped blocking his punches (which weren't flying any more), and the Sifu was called over...

Just in time to come up behind Skip, and grab him in a bear hug as his knees buckled out from under him.

I'm still trying to figure out what felled him.

It could be that he has spent the last two weeks just sitting in his comfy chair, playing Starcraft and Fantastic Contraption.

It could be that he's getting anxious about the vacation nearly being over.

It could be that he didn't drink anything today.

It could be that he's got a touch of whatever it was that knocked me out on New Year's Day.

Or it might be that he was holding his breath while counting off the EIGHTEEN roundhouse kicks on each side, for ten reps...


You think?

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