Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun with the niece

 My niece is visiting from Ireland.
We're having a blast.
She's been to horse camp:

She even got to ride more than one horse during the week.

She built a tire swing:

She did battle in an epic water fight at the deserted ranch, once they moved all the horses out.

Kelly got dunked in the horse trough... the one that still had goldfish in it... my guess is she deserved it.

She made a trip to the English riding academy that Kelly will take lessons at this fall.  She got to meet Gigi...

...and One Eyed Jack.  I think he was her favorite.

She watched Kelly's teacher run a dressage horse through his paces.

She's had fun, just hanging out in the yard (with no signs of rattlesnakes, which is a good thing)

She's played with fire

We took her to the Redwood City parade, on the 4th of July.

(It's a hot, hot day.  So we hide in the shade while we wait for the parade to begin.  She's reading one of the 9 Full  Metal Alchemist manga books she found at the thrift store for under $2.  In Ireland?  Those books would've run her more than a hundred bucks.  Oh yes, she's proud of her thrift store find)

it's always fun to see the horses in the parade.   Even though they'd been on horseback all week, they're still not tired of horses...

And in the evening, it's time for fireworks!

Happy 4th!

On the 5th, we went up to San Francisco.
A street vendor made the girls matching bracelets

He was hilarious.  I tipped him.

And then he made Nate one, too.

We explored Hyde Street Pier

And it was cold, even though it was sunny. (they are huddling for warmth)

We did crazy tourist things!
 (hello, Lombard Street)

The fog started rolling in, but there was a glimpse or two of the Golden Gate Bridge to be seen:

And then we went out to China Beach.
It was cold.  Skip was warm.  Once again, the girls stuck to him like ticks.

High tide:

It was sunny...

But something was missing...

So I had to add it, using my massive-rad photoshopping skillz.  Because what's a trip to  San Francisco without the obligatory Golden Gate Bridge souvenir photo?

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