Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick! To the sauna!

 We're kind of a Googly family, here at the Parker house.

Last year, Kelly set up her own Google Calendar, and synced it with mine, and with Ken's.  Recently, I updated my calendar, and its notifications, so I've been getting little reminders sent directly to my phone, and sometimes, a little window opens up on my laptop, when I'm online, reminding me of some thing or other.  "Take Nate to Kung Fu", or "Skip - Babysitting", or "English rough draft due date"

The other day, the little insistent notification window popped up in the middle of something I was working on.

"RUSH!  A sauna"

Um... say what?

I thought a moment.  No, it wasn't something from my calendar.  And no, it wasn't something that some weirdo had 'invited' me to join (for some reason, I'm being invited to two separate people's events. One, is someone who has a recurring dentist appointment, and had inadvertently used my email instead of their own for the dentist to send reminders to.  The second one, and I have NO IDEA how this happened, is some woman who invites me to HER PERIOD every month.


Just gah.

Yes, I know I need to REMOVE those invitations.  I just keep forgetting.

Anyways, back to this notification.

It turns out, it was something from Kelly's Google calendar.

And I was stymied.

Until I realized that it was something she'd added to her calendar last year.  And it recurred every year.

And it started at sundown.

Say it fast.
Say it fast a couple of times.

Rush a sauna.
Rush a sauna
Rosh a shauna

Get it?

I laughed, too, once I figured out that Kelly had this on her calendar to remind herself that her bff was going to be celebrating Rosh Hashanah.  Alas, she hadn't realized that the date moves around following the moon, so that it didn't ACTUALLY start on Friday this year.  This year, it doesn't happen until nearly the end of September.

I should probably have her fix that entry.  So she doesn't have to miss her rush to the sauna at the end of the month.

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