Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Redux. Part 1.

 So, we had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

Didn't cook hardly at all.


Ate Thanksgiving dinner with 250 of our (new) closest friends, and was buoyed by watching our kids step out of their comfort zone and serve others. I think I may have seen our gardeners at one table, and the neighbor's cleaning crew at another.  It makes you think.  Maybe it's time to approach our gardener and ask if we could give his crew a raise.

Friday, I got some pretty stinky news about an old friend that we'd lost contact (apart from facebook) with, and it made me realize how precious our in-person, face-to-face time with our families and friends really is.
Saturday, Ken had his usual last-Saturday-of-the-month board game extravaganza that he went off to, taking the boys, so I grabbed Kelly and a girlfriend of hers, and we went on an adventure.

Hello, Santa Cruz.  Nice to see you again.  This is one of the main groves on the Monarch Migration Route, and it was high season.

The girls enjoyed the butterflies, but I think they had more fun just hanging out together.

Oh, and did I mention that this butterfly grove is just a few steps from the ocean?

And pretty soon, people were giving us a wide berth.  I guess two crazy girls singing along to a cell phone doesn't draw the crowds that they thought it would. :)

And did I also mention that we stayed there for a long, long time?

Fun with the sun:

It was a great fun day.  They were sad to leave the beach.

Good night, butterflies.  Good night, beach.

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