Tuesday, April 23, 2013

December 2012. It feels like yesterday

So here's what we were up to in December.  Sort of.

1. Kelly was invited by one of our young friends (and by young friends, I mean 20-something or 30-somethings) to join a folk dance troupe to dance at the big living nativity presentation that happens in the county seat every December.  Bethlehem AD is a pretty large undertaking, complete with camels and sheep and centurions.  She thought dancing in the street sounded like fun, so we signed her up, and the organizers asked me if I was ok not supervising her, because many  moms were more protective of their children.  I said "she's smart, and she's with grown-up friends, but if you want her chaperoned, I'm happy to hang around and photograph the event while it's open."  So they gave me a costume, and I ended up floating around the event, filling in where needed, and photographing.  It was the wettest December on record, and Bethlehem flooded on more than one occasion, but it was fun.

A friend of ours played the head rabbi.  It was fun.
Oh my, even Ken got in on the act.

also?  Camels!

2. Crazy street in San Carlos is crazy.  The lights get bigger every year.  And every year we have to go and look and feel inadequate about our own two-stranded half-baked decor.

3. I'm doing more photography with Google Plus.  I've met a bunch of great professionals and high-talent amateurs who are very welcoming, and willing to help teach me stuff.  I tag along, and try to make them laugh.  I went on a photowalk in early December, and basically took photos of the other photographers taking risky shots.  I called my album "The last time we ever saw [insert name here]" subtitled "Save the Gear!".  It was full of shots like this:  They all laughed.  I consider it a success.

4. Kelly made beaver tails for the winter concert bake sale fundraiser.

5.  I knit some Christmas gifts.

6. Jewel visited Nate's class.  And the mustaches got another work-out.

7. We had our small group over for a Christmas Cookie Decorating Evening.  It was there that I discovered that one of the young women thought it was a great idea to use her finger to mix frosting colors, and apply color with her wet finger.  Um... here you go, honey, you can take ALL the ones you decorated home with you.

8. One Sunday  morning, our church shut down so we could serve in the community.  The group we were involved with took over the church coffee house, and made two hundred bag lunches for one of the local shelters.  And we put home-made sugar cookies (decorated that morning) into each bag.

9. The classroom pets in second grade got out for a little visit.

10. Nate's class went to Alcatraz, and I chaperoned (and drove.  And paid for parking... through the nose)

And I think I will save Christmas for another episode.

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