Saturday, June 17, 2006

26/52 ABC *I*

26/52 ABC *I* 5/2/2006
I was wracking my brain, until I realized that I'd blotted out a big giant part of my past.

What was I doing back in 1987?

Why, I was an entomologist. Sheesh. There should be INSECT photos galore... somewhere...

Until then, we will subsist on the more recent fare.


One of the zillion ladybug beetles that we came across in the mountains above Death Valley.

And YUM! Look at the size of that praying mantis that was waiting on the door of our cabin.

And yes, ants are INSECTS, too, but I think I've got MORE than enough photos of ants in my diary, don't you?

So instead, a little bit of the OTHER social INSECT scourge...


And a double bonus, because their order is ISOPTERA! Another I-word.

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