Friday, August 31, 2007

First Day of School

I'm such a slacker.

I nearly didn't get this shot. We were piling into the car, and I had to go and snag Skip's friend, and Skip's school opened early, because you had to go into the gym to find your homeroom assignments, and yes, I'll admit I was doing a bit of the headless chicken thing, and whoops, while Kelly just has a half-day, Skip will be going the whole day, running through all of the courses, rather than on the usual Wednesday rotation, so he'll need a lunch, and I haven't got two slices of bread to rub together, so what am I going to make him...

We were in the car when I realized that it was the first day of school, so I made them all pile out and go stand on the front lawn.

And here we have a shot of Fasion Sensibilities in a Nutshell.

Nate: I'm a surfer dude, with my flip-flops that I stole from my sister, and a "Big Z" branded surfer shirt to go with my shorts that I don't care at all are hand-me-downs from my brother. Like my spikey hair?

Kelly: I have spent the last week deciding what I will wear today. I have pulled out a number of outfits, and I have chatted with my two BFF's about what they will be wearing, and even though Kate had to move away, and is going to a different school, she promised me that she would wear her chocolate brown knee-length lace-edged tights on the first day of school, so I will too, and Adria is wearing her chocolate brown tights, even though she has a different shirt from me. And this is why, last night at bed time, I had a complete meltdown, on a par with that of any unbalanced hormonal teenager, when I couldn't find my blue-and-brown baby-doll shirt which is the ONLY one that will go with these tights. Yes, you told me NOT to wear it before school, but it's so soft and beautiful and lovely that I had to wear it Just That One Time, and I know that I put it back EXACTLY here, so I wouldn't lose it, but I might have put it there, or maybe even THERE, but I didn't put it THERE, which is where you would have picked it up from if you had taken it to do laundry, so that means that SOMEONE STOLE IT because they want me to spend my first day of school wearing nothing but an UNDERSHIRT. Oh... you hung it up in my closet? Wow. Who looks in a closet for a shirt? Now, where did I put my new Hello Kitty tennis shoes... Oh, and I went through my earrings, and found a pair that go PERFECTLY with this top. Aren't they pretty? And there are hair clips that match!

Skip: No, I will not pick out an *outfit* for the first day of school. *eyeroll* I am NOT like Cole. You know he made his mom spend FIFTY DOLLARS on a pair of jeans that look like something you'd buy at the thrift store for $2.50? Yeah, he wouldn't wear them if he thought they came from a thrift store. And I bet he's going to wear his super special used-up-all-my-allowance hoodie jacket, too. And maybe his completely dorky ball-cap. On sideways, so he looks like an idiot. You know it's gonna be 80 degrees out today? And he says *I* have no fashion sense. Like I care. I probably shouldn't have worn the pants, even. No, I don't care that the pants are too short. I don't see them. They looked fine to me. Do they bug you? Is this Dad's shirt? Um, I don't think so. Yeah, it's big, but I don't think Dad has an orange t-shirt, unless it says "Google" on it. I don't think it's on backwards... lemme check. Nope. Hmm. Actually, there aren't any tags, front OR back. Hey! Is this from the thrift store? Pretty cool. Do I have to have this spray gel in my hair? I can see fine through the fringe...

And just like that, the first week of school is done.

Let the record show that I am *NOT* the PTA president, nor did I sign up for any PTA posts. Neither did I succumb to the pleas to become a Room Representative, or serve on the School Site Council.

I do feel rather free.

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