Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nearly Lost in the Noise

I almost forgot, what with all the youth excitement of the weekend, Nate took another step towards becoming the Blond Bruce Lee.

Hello black stripe on the Yellow Tiger belt.

I had taken him to Kung Fu on the way to get groceries for the youth party, and was sitting merrily on the sidelines, knitting on Kelly's SECOND purple knee sock, when the Sihing said "Let's give a big hand for Nate! Congratulations!" And I looked up from my knitting to see Nate standing in his horse stance, getting the stripe on his belt. It was all I could do to drop the knitting, rifle around in my purse, and get the camera out in time to catch this rather blurry shot of his Hi-Ya victory kick.

It seemed awfully soon. Didn't he just get his yellow tiger belt?

So of course, I was completely unprepared yesterday afternoon when Skip got called up to get the stripe on his golden belt. The camera? Sitting here beside the laptop, downloading photos.

Good thing Ken walked in the door just in the nick of time with his camera phone.

Now I just have to figure out how to get photos from that to me.

Today is Nate's "Meet the New Teacher" visit.

She's coming to the house.

AAAAGH! The place is still torn up from the youth party on the weekend, AND I've got everything out for Kelly's back-to-school night for tonight, and the Library Volunteer poster is spread across the front table, because I'm setting it up for sign-ups at tonight's event, also.

Oh, and the laundry is breeding by the back door.

Will Nate want to show her his room? I sincerely hope not. It's still a transition-area from when we put the flooring in Skip's room.

Hmm. I've got an hour and 12 minutes. Better start prioritizing.

I'll start by making butter tarts.

I have NEVER laughed so hard.

Do you folks watch Top Gear?

I swear, it brings tears to my eyes, it's so freakishly funny.

And I can't remember the last time I was positively GIDDY to discover a show was being brought back for another season. Last week, when I saw the ad on BBC-America that a new season of Top Gear was starting on Monday evening, I went dancing and prancing about the house like some sort of loon.

Last night? The three guys made amphibious cars. I thought I was going to pass out, I was laughing so hard I couldn't bring myself to inhale. I laugh so hard that I weep, and then my nose runs, and I get congested and cough like some smoker, but it's really cathartic, even if it sounds grosser than gross. Ken, when we watch the show, just starts off sitting on the floor because he fell off the couch from laughing the last time we watched it.

Oh good grief. I just discovered that I can watch the clips online.

I... Am. Doomed.

Go here. Go to 'choose video' and scroll down. Watch 'Amphibious cars" parts 1 and 2, and tell me if you aren't just about ready to die from laughing.

I'll wait. I'll be here, fanning myself, as I watch it AGAIN.

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