Friday, May 02, 2008

Lemon Tart

My daughter, the little tart!

No, I mean my daughter made a big tart.  A big lemon tart.

Shortbread crust.  Yum.

But she opted to have no lemon zest in the tart.  She didn't like how the little bits got in between the teeth.  Le sigh. 

Not that the omission of the zest made the tart last any longer, though.



(er, ok, so there were a few issues with the tart not having enough time to set.  This thing was TOO good looking, though!  We couldn't stay away.)



Yes, it was that good.  It was lick-the-plate good.

But the boy, he needs the extra sustenance.

He's going up against the big guns.

While his sister plants her garden.

In other news, I have finished the SeaSilk shawl.

I still think I need to block it hard, but I don't know if the seaweed will hold a shape, or not.

I have moved on to a Haruha Scarf.  No photos yet.  I'm using some soft-as-a-baby-butt Alpaca that I bought last summer up in Canada.  Or was it the summer before?  Sheesh.  I will NEVER make it through this stash.

In still other news, I have, this far, lost 1% of my body weight in the 8-week flab-to-fab challenge.   I think that number would have been WAY higher if I hadn't fallen rather hard off the wagon when I *accidentally* bought a pound of chocolate chip cookie dough the other day.  Oh well.  I'm doing the special Mother's Day Kung Fu class at Skip/Kelly/Nate's academy tomorrow afternoon, so I'm hoping that I'll sweat off all that chocolatey goodness then.

And sweat off my 1/3 of THIS luncheon pleasure from yesterday:

As an aside:  Did you know that you can get ANY three toppings on a banana split?  You don't HAVE to go the Strawberry/Chocolate/Pineapple route.  It's so freeing!  Yesterday, we had Strawberry, Cherry, and MARSHMALLOW!!!!


So you see, I *need* the Kung Fu class.  Maybe a few hard jabs to the cellulite.  And a swift kick to the jello-butt.

And maybe that'll knock some sense into me.

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ML said...

Love the are so big now! And you look so cute in the last one.