Saturday, October 04, 2008


Well, I'm off to find some high school in some city I've never cruised through. It's time for the CBEST. This is the test everyone who teaches must take in order to teach in California. Apparently, subs also take this test, and because I thought it might be a lark to substitute teach in the district... argh. What was I thinking?

I am now about to go subject myself to a 4 hour test that will show me just how dumb I have gotten in the years since I had kids. I used to be a Test Taker. That was my super-power in college.

My only consolation is that there are two exam questions, and I'm hoping that my Mad Blogging Skillz will come into play there. Either that, or I will look at the exam questions and say to myself "Hey! I just read a GREAT answer to that question on so-and-so's blog, and I'm gonna use all of his/her ideas."

I spent the night having dreams about the exam. What a hoot. Not:

A car leaves Chicago travelling 25 miles per hour heading south. A mosquito leaves the car's destination 100 miles south of Chicago, flying at the super-hero mosquito speed of 50 miles per hour. Every time it meets the car, it touches the car, and instantly turns around, maintaining its velocity, travelling back and forth between the car and the destination. The car takes 4 hours to reach its destination. How far does the mosquito fly in total?

Yes. Obsess much?

And then I dreamt that I 'took some free hamsters off someone's hands' on Craigslist. I thought it was a cage with a pair, but it turned out to be seven hammies. Dwarfs. And the only room we had was in Skip's room, and it was such a sty that he'd become infested with bugs. And the hammies got loose (because they were so CUTE! And the liked to walk up my arms! And they snuggled! And then they leapt off into the void, and were never seen since! And Skip was incensed, and wasn't gonna talk to me until he found out that the little dwarf hammies were eating all the bugs in his room.

Apart from the seething mass of insect-infested food on Skip's floor in the dream (a portent of things to come? A wake-up call?), the dream was pretty fun. Who knew that dwarf hamsters could be so fun?

I hope there's a question about hamster biology on the test. I'll have that one covered.

Well, if I leave now, I can stop at Starbucks!

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