Friday, September 26, 2008

Triops 3.0.

Triops two point zero lasted JUST long enough for both sets of grandparents to be equal parts impressed and creeped out.

(not my photo. Found this on the 'net somewhere. Creeptacular critters, and I could never have taken a shot like this in their little plexiglass pond)

We came back from a lovely Thai supper, the nine of us, to discover that both Triops 2.0 had bit the dust while we were out eating.

Now that's good timing.

So while Ken and Kelly were showing Grandpa and Grandma how to play Stone Age, I was upstairs, flushing Sparky and Flippy down the toilet (and from there, down the brand spankin' new twelve hundred dollar drain. Ouch), and setting up the Triops Pond for Triops 3.0.

With any luck, there will be motion in the tank tomorrow, and we'll watch them with the magnifying glasses.

Seriously, they are pretty cool science pets.

My folks arrived just before four o'clock this afternoon. I gave my dad his birthday present, gave my mom some sock yarn, and then rushed both sets of grandparents out the door so that we could all go down to Kung Fu to watch Nate join Kelly in her class. He's almost ready to graduate from his Tiger Belt series, and that will put him in Kelly's class, maybe as a Gold Belt, maybe as an Orange Belt, so for the next week or two, he'll be sitting in (standing in, jumping-jacking in, roundhouse kicking in) on her class, to get used to the pacing of it, before he graduates in October.

I was so pleased that Toni called me when she went to pick up Cole from the after school clubs. She wondered if she could just bring Skip down to Kung Fu, saving me a trip. Woo hoo.

And while Nate was taking his second class (and the grandparents were snapping photos like Paparazzi), I took my folks down the road to get them settled in their hotel for the weekend.

Kelly scored some sweet swag from my folks.

I scored 5 pounds of Canadian butter.

Yes, mom. My thighs thank you.

(but my GOODNESS, is this great butter, or what?... *goes off to make one last piece of toast*)

Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, we'll find out what other swag was brought down.

I made one of those Snapfish albums of our Seaside vacation with my folks. It arrived yesterday. Just in the nick of time. I wrapped it up for my dad for his birthday present. I think it was a hit.

And my mom loved the yarn, and the little metal-smithed quail garden ornament thingy that we got for her.

Tomorrow morning, I'm making French Breakfast Puffs. So I can have MORE of my Canadian Butter. Oh, it's gonna be a golden day.

I am moderately amped.

That's what I get for having an afternoon nap.

A nap? How do I fit it all in? you may be asking.

Well, Nate gets out at 2:30-ish, and Kelly gets out just after 3:00. And because Skip had after school clubs today, I just waited at the Elementary school after getting Nate, to grab Kelly. And it was a hot, hot day, so I took Nate into the library for the 40 minute wait. And then I realized that I'd done everything that I needed to do in the library for the week, and there really wasn't anything for me to spend my time doing.

So I sat down in a comfy chair...

And Fell Asleep.

Oh man, was I discombobulated when I woke up at 3:03, absolutely certain that it was Saturday, and WHY did they let me sleep so long, and was the school all locked up, and WHY was Nate still sitting there beside me, reading the SAME King Tut book...

Yeah. I don't do 'waking up' well.

But I've recovered, and now that I think about it, it really was a sweet little nap.

I think I'll stay up late sewing book bags for Miss Farthing (Kelly's former First Grade Teacher). And then I can sew MORE bags for Mrs Archer (Nate's current First Grade Teacher), because Mrs. Archer saw Miss Farthing's bags, and was "In Love!"


Paint me with sucker paint.

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