Friday, December 19, 2008

Shoe Garage

I've been listening to the new Bela Fleck album... a lot. (And I know it's called "Jingle all the way", but in my easily-amused brain, I'll always think of it as "Fleck the Halls")

The first song is Jingle Bells. But it's not just ANY Jingle Bells. The vocals are done by Tuvan throat singers. But because I'm not completely *up* on my Tuvan conversation skills, when I sing along, it sounds something like this:

Shoe garage
Shoe garage
Got a shoe garage
Yarga harga canna goo guh
Got a shoe garage

The kids sing the same words, too. They think it's hilarious.

Less than 17 hours until we leave for Canada. I've been watching the road conditions online and I'd like to curl up into a little ball and cry. Ouch!

I'm cursing the day that we traded in the 4x4 Pilot on the wimpy front-wheel-drive Odyssey.

No offense intended, Homer. I know that you can get us to Canada... eventually.

In shopping mojo news, I had to replace Nate's winter jacket. He had it until last month somewhere, when it suddenly went missing. I don't know WHERE it could be. So yesterday, I headed down to my local Savers thrift store, toting a bag of hand-me-downs, and found exactly ONE winter coat on the boys-outerwear rack. FOUR dollars! Woot!

And it was EXACTLY right. Bright yellow, puffy, and Just Nate's Size. It was filthy, but one trip through Mr. Washy and Ms. Fluff-Dry, and it's Just Like New, and smells like a spring breeze.

I also picked up some swim trunks for Skip. The kids always beg to stay at a "hotel with a pool" so I think we'll have to find a hotel with an indoor pool, because if we end up a hotel with an outdoor pool, we'll be doing more ice fishing than swimming.

Our garage door went belly-up yesterday. The spring is broken and the screw is stripped. When you lower it, it comes crashing down the last 3 feet with a finality. Like a guillotine. Yeah, that's safe.

Just one more house-expense to add to the list for next year.

Speaking of which. We're almost done picking things out.

We've got a nice marble for Ken's baking center counter, and we're close to getting the cabinets.

Here. Look at some samples.

There's the marble. Capuccino marble. I think Ken wants the cherry sample on the right side under it for the bake center. I'm leaning towards the alder on the left side for the cabinets in the rest of the kitchen. The flooring underneath is in the dining room. We'll be carrying that through the kitchen for the remodel.



I've moved the pets down to the kitchen counter.

And what's Ken, the man who balked at getting animals in the house, do?

He's All Over S'more. Making little coo-ing noises, giving her treats. Generally being a big softie.

It's hilarious.

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