Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Travelling Handiwork.

First off, this is one of the toughest things Ken has ever had to do. And I am so proud of him.


We could NOT have made it home without these cable chains. And for all the years that I lived in Snow Country, I've never driven on them before. Never even had a set. And now that I'm a thin-blooded Californian, I finally invest in a pair, and we use them the first time out.

Gah, Portland was a mess.

But we are at the old homestead now. And staying put. I have not conquered the phlegm (hello Sinus Infection. So nice of you to join me on the trip), but I'm feeling more environmental, as I am *going green*. The sinus thing has moved from the left side to the right side, and I'm hoping that once I use up every kleenex in my parents' house, it will move on to infest someone else.

Yeah. Pleasant!

Because I am sick, I did not go with my folks to visit my grandmother today. She was sounding pretty with-it yesterday when she called, and I'm hoping she can stay the course when I bring the kids down later this week.

Here. More photos:


The kids were fascinated with the snow. Yikes! It's cold! Who knew?

Federal Way rest area. Can't stop! The snow's picking up volume. Gotta make time!

"Mom! You can catch it on your tongue, and it doesn't hurt! It's cold, but then it's gone! This is the coolest stuff EVER!"

At the grandparents' house:

It was powdery snow, very cold, and impossible to turn into snowballs. But it crunched in a great way, and was wonderful for sledding that first afternoon.

Showboater MUST stand on sleds on the steep hill, and pretend to be snowboarding.

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