Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Animal Planet in the Classroom

Today, I was in Nate's class, putting together homework folders while the kids were getting ready to go out to their first dance class in the gym.

Oh, and get this! One of the things that our fundraising efforts pay for each year is dance classes for the second and fifth grade classes. For the last 5 years or so, it's been Central American dances. Lots of pan pipes, lots of boys wearing cowboy hats, and girls wearing floucey skirts and colorful shawls in the concert (oh yes, there is a concert for the parents in May). But this year? The woman who's giving her time, and coming in to teach the kids? She's new, and she's teaching them BOLLYWOOD!

It is a HOOT!

And the kids are loving every minute of it.

I thought "Hey, I've got my camera with me, I should go out and take some photos of them trying to be all Bollywood!", so I finished up with the homework packets, and headed for the classroom door.

My eye caught a bit of activity.

Hmm. What's that on the daffodil?

Let's take a closer look...

Uh oh...

Looks like Monty the Mantis has escaped. Now, it could be Monty #1, or it could be Monty #75. They like to dress alike... All I know is one of them managed to fly the coop, and was prowling on the flower, looking for lunch.

Hmm. Let me give you a treat, Monty.

Peek a boo, you creepy little red-eyed demon fly.

Monty spies him! And he starts this little bob-and-weave dance. "I am a leaf in the wind" he says to the fly.

The creepy fly ignores the messages, and keeps wandering around on the flower... until...


When the kids came back from their dance class, Monty was still chowing down, so I lined them up against the wall in alphabetical order (OCD much?) and then walked down the row, handing out magnifying glasses, and carrying the daffodil, so the kids could watch Monty eat his lunch.

They were almost as fascinated as I was.

Monty beheads the fly!

That'll teach you for being all demon-eyed and creepy!

Nom nom nom.

Now, excuse me while I go and serve dinner to my family. Heh.

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