Saturday, March 27, 2010

Competition: Debrief

Well, now I know a bit how Eddie the Eagle feels. Or maybe the Jamaican Bobsled Team.

You do something. You have fun doing it. And then someone says "Hey! There's this event happening, and you can join in if you want! It'll be FUN!" But unlike those Olympians, nobody told me that this event was one where Kelly would be competing against World Class Dancers, some of whom had BEEN ON TV.

And all those rules and regulations about shoes, and hose, and hairdo, and dress color and style? Apparently, for the young kids, those rules are rather fluid.

We were like The Little Amish Couple showing up to a taping of the Semi-Finals of American Idol, bypassing hair and make-up and wardrobe, and going on stage by accident.

But we had fun.

We got there early enough to check in, and then watch the Pro-Am Senior Division for a while before we had to be lining up in the staging-area for the kids' events. And we had a table right on the dance floor. Kelly got a chance to watch some really lovely ballroom dancing up close.

And then these two couples came out to dance. I don't know what heat they were in. And what's up with the tuxedos and fancy ball gowns? What happened to "plain un-embellished gowns of a single color"? They were Kelly's age.

They were spectacular dancers. I'm not sure, but I think they each got an award.

And then they went running off the dance floor, and Kelly's group was called up to get lined up.

See the couple behind Kelly and Vladimir? Why, yes, that would be the couple that just won some major award. They did NOT look like pre-novices. And that dress is NOT a 'dark solid colour that is not shiny, within 2 inches of the knee' by ANY stretch of the imagination.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Watch your daughter, and try not to cry.

Oh look. Who's that charging past Kelly and Vlad, looking like they're on some Dancing with the Stars episode? Why the other couple of the 'professional exhibition' dance of less-than-an-hour earlier.

Breathe in.... breathe out.... Watch your daughter.

Ooh. it's the tango! I love this.

Serious face. Because the Tango is a serious dance. "I love you, I hate you. Come here. Go away!"

Awww. You did it! It's over! And you survived. Curtsey to your partner, while all the other couples do this flamboyant twirly 'present ourselves grandiosly to the audience' move. I like that you kept it simple, kids.

And look! What's this? They got called up for the awards presentation! They almost didn't get their award, as they had been taken out of the ballroom by their teacher, and had to come running in to get their award.

I was so proud!

Congratulations, kids! We are so proud of you!

The second session of dancing, Kelly and Vladimir were in a heat with 13 couples. And the other twelve were these little stage-darlings. SRSLY! How can you compete against this?

Oh, and Toni said that she saw this little girl on Dancing with the Stars:

But you know what? They had fun, once the initial nervousness subsided.

And even though they didn't get any trophies for this session, they got a lovely green ribbon, and they had the joy of the experience.

But maybe next time, we won't compete against a group of the international elite.

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