Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boys, watching girls.

The other day, I had picked up Nate after school, and we were off to the designated pick-up place to grab Skip. This just happens to be outside the local Jamba Juice joint.

We pulled up (and I was late. But not terribly late. Just late enough that I got there after Skip had already settled down into a seat outside the store), and Nate suddenly needed to go potty. So he jumped out of the car, and ran past Skip into Jamba Juice to use the potty. Skip just sat there, acknowledging Nate as he passed, and continued to listen to his iPhone. Nate came out of Jamba, and got into the car, but Skip didn't move.

OK, I get it. He's 'teaching me a lesson" I thought to myself. I'm late, so he's going to make me later.

Nate wondered why Skip wasn't getting in the car. I said "Well, maybe he doesn't WANT a ride home." (See? I can be just as passive-aggressive as my children!) Nate said "What are you going to do?" and I said "Maybe you could go and ask him One Last Time if he wants to have a ride home, or walk the four miles UP HILL." Nate happily scampered out of the car, and went and got Skip, who looked surprised as he looked toward me.

And that's when I realized that I wasn't driving Homer, our dark blue Odyssey van. I was in a rental car (long story, involving the cam shaft. Did I mention this before?) And I was facing away from the sunshine, so the windshield was making a big giant mirror for Skip. Whoopsie.

Skip and Nate hustled into the car.

Nate said "Skip, why didn't you come into the car when we got here?"

Skip said "I didn't see you."

I said "He was probably looking at all the cute girls, Nate"

Nate broke into laughter. Hilarious laughter.

"Now, Nate," I said, "Don't laugh too hard. Some day YOU will be looking at the cute girls."

"Hmph!" he said "Mom, I have ALREADY looked at enough girls, and I don't need to do that ANY MORE"

And that's when Skip and I nearly laughed up a lung.

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