Monday, April 05, 2010

Wave Chasers

Ken's mom flew back to Canada this morning.

I am slowly re-orienting the kids back to their rightful sleeping arrangements. It will be a while, as there are some other things that need doing this week, but I did manage to get the two littles back in their real beds by 9pm this evening, even if they were surrounded by stuff that wasn't theirs.

When she's visiting, we like to get out of the house as often as possible. She is very active, and is Old School in the "Fresh Air does wonders to the Constitution" sort of way. But the weather's been just nasty for the most part.

Saturday was looking like another nasty day. It was pouring in the morning, spotty off and on with clouds and wind and just... ick, was it winter all over?

But then, after I'd fun about a million and a half errands, it looked like the weather was clearing to the west, and I struck while the iron was hot. It was getting late. Not much daylight left. We'd have to get a move-on, and we'd have to go quickly (And it wasn't easy. I came home to announce that we would be going to the beach, and was met with major inertia. They were playing a game, and they were close to finding out who won.)

But I persevered, and while it was soon light out, we headed over to the coast.

It had been a massively high tide only an hour before, and the surf was still pretty large.

Usually there's a nice wide swath of beach there, but on Saturday the waves were crashing up against the rocks.

And the swells were pretty large out past the reef, too.

I made sure that the kids were always keeping one eye on the waves.

I should've told the other people on the beach, too.

That wave just knocked the feet right out from under the guy that was walking along the beach behind the kids.

He got soaked. And the wave just kept coming. And all the while, his friends were laughing like loons.

I'm really glad that I hadn't read the paper that day. The front page had two stories about people drowning in rogue waves on the San Mateo County coastline in the last week. Yikes!

It could have been scary, but when all was said and done, it was relatively safe, and everyone made it home in one piece. In one wet piece, that is.

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