Monday, August 01, 2011

Canada Begins

 We left California at 5am on Saturday.

We were an hour behind schedule.  But I made good time, and didn't let the car stop until we ran out of gas 350 miles later.  As I drove, I watched the sun rise over hot-air balloons being filled just north of San Francisco.  And 16 hours later, we watched the sun set over the Olympic Mountains, as we took the last ferry from Port Angeles, WA, to Victoria, BC.

We pulled into Grandma's driveway at midnight, and tiptoed in to our waiting beds.  Grandma is amazing at organizing stuff, and getting stuff done,

And it was all worth it, so we could spend all of yesterday with the cousins, who are also visiting from Dubai.

And, as an added bonus, it's BC's 140th birthday.

And there were festivities.

And free flags.

Happy Birthday BC.

I should see if I can dredge up a copy of me with a flag like this from 1971... BC's 100th birthday...
Whoops... it was 1967... Canada's 100th birthday.

Oh well.  I was close.

Today is a day of fun in Victoria.  Maybe going to a park.  Maybe playing on the Cement Animals.  Maybe going downtown again, and looking for special tea and sweatshirts.  Yeah.  I  have high aspirations. :)

Have a fantastic Monday.

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