Thursday, August 04, 2011

Victoria and Whistler

 It's a whirlwind.

I need sleep.

We have done so much.  The families are getting along famously.  I'm sure everyone will cry tomorrow when we start going our separate ways.

But you know what?


And not just one bear.  We saw a mother bear with two cute, positively ADORABLE little baby cubs.  The cuteness, it is to die for.

But nobody died.  We kept our distance.


But man, so much to talk about.  I need to schedule time to blog.  Maybe next week when the littles are at camp, and I actually have some free time.

We've been mountain biking.  Nate was a stunt man in the truest sense of the word.  My cousin and I both said "Man, if ONLY I'd had my camera out..." when he went OVER the handlebars of his bike, and into the arms of his uncle, just before he would have barrelled through a stop sign and into traffic if his bike hadn't stopped by crashing into a bike going in the other direction.  Yes, it was that spectacular.  And he wasn't hurt at all.  Just very surprised and shaken up.  And we got lost finding Lost Lake (That's why it has that name, apparently), and ended up on rental bikes in the middle of nowhere, and my nephew ditched his bike in the gravel, and completely gouged up his knee, and we realized we had NO first aid kit, but fortunately, it was hot, so I took off my shirt, and they used that as a bandage and a blood mop-up kit.  Hooray for $2 shirts from the thrift store.

And then we've been going to the Mongolie Grill for suppers, because you can pick what you want to eat, and our kids are pretty good about not taking too much, so the cost is minimal.  And the chefs all know us, and do little tricks, and let us ring the bells.  Got photos  of that somehwere, too.

And the water slide!  I must talk about the water slides.  Or maybe the trail horses on the mountain.  Or the waterfall that we saw yesterday that we hadn't seen since we were there 22 years ago on our honeymoon.
True Confections.   Gotta talk about that.  When we were newlyweds, Ken and I would walk to their first location.  They opened just before we were married.  It's a dessert restaurant.  We'd walk the 3km to the place, have a decadent dessert, and then walk home, to burn off the calories.  We took the kids there during our transit from Victoria to Whistler.  Yes, we're THOSE parents... the ones that say "Lunch time... how about chocolate cake and soda?"  And we have the photos to show for it.  And then we bought a whole cake to take up to Whistler for a treat for the family reunion.  Tonight, at supper, we said "oh!  What a great idea, we can have that cake!" and then realized that we'd LEFT IT IN THE FRIDGE AT  THE PREVIOUS HOTEL.

Yeah, that was a bit of a bummer.

I made dinner for 14 this evening in our hotel room.  And I did it all with stuff I managed to find for sale in a corner store.  And folks ate it, and they liked it.  Maybe I was helped along by the fact that we'd spent the whole day outdoors, and we were all sunburnt and exhausted, and I bet that if I'd served Sweet Tart Fricassee, with easy-cheese folks would've jumped for joy.  Of course, I didn't serve that here tonight.  You can't get easy cheese in Canada.

Well, I'm rambling.  Sleep deprivation will do that to a gal.

Tomorrow is a hike up Blackcomb, and maybe another shot at the waterslide here at the hotel.  And maybe a trail ride.  Or we could rent mountain bikes and try NOT to get lost this time.  And I still need to shop for souvenirs.  I have my eye on a nice fleece jacket, and a funny bear-themed shirt for Skip.  Nate and Kelly need something - anything - that says "Canada" on it.  Kitchy as it may be, they love the stuff.  And I do, too.

And now i need to start going through the 1340 shots that I've taken here over the last 2 days.

I need to show some restraint.

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