Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A short to-do list

 So, Ken is off in Ireland for a while.  He's having fun working in the rain, and spending time with his brother-the-professor-in-Cork, and his 5 teenagers.

Since he's been gone...

We moved Skip out of his too-small-for-him bed.

We moved Nate out of his too-small-for-him bedroom.

Nate's now in the process of moving into Skip's big bedroom, with the loft bed.  Although right now, he's one step away from an episode of Hoarders.

Kelly had a fine time doing basic home-improvement-with-tools.

(she does need some help with non-girly tool-holding techniques)
And then she got positively giddy using the floor cleaner, aka MOP.

And now Skip is in Nate's freshly cleaned room in a big giant bed that I had delivered on Saturday afternoon.

Ken doesn't know that any of this has happened.  We've decided to 'surprise' him.

I bought paint to re-paint the bannisters in the house, as it's about time I repaired all the chipped and peeling paint.

I took down all the pictures in the stairwell.  I want to repaint that, too.  it's got a freakishly high ceiling, so I still don't know how I will get that done.

Kelly wants to plant a cherry tree out front.  That's on the list... if the rain ever stops.

I want to paint the front door a slate blue-grey, and re-paint the grey trim on the house.

I'd like to replace the shutters on the front of the house, as we lost a lot of slats in the storms last week.

I would like to paint the upstairs hallway, and also get all the downstairs trim painted the new "Swiss Coffee" color while I'm at it.

But all this needs to wait for a minute.
I just got off the phone with a woman who works in the school district.
Apparently, on the hush-hush, the librarian at our school just resigned.  And I think you may recall that we've all had trouble coming to an accommodation with this librarian.  But Pam called, wanting me to know the news.
She and the other librarians in the district know about me, and wanted to see what they could do to get me to apply for the vacant position.
This is such a monkey-wrench.
Do I really want to get tied down to the routine of an actual job?
Do I really want to step my foot into a political morass that the previous librarian has built up this past year?
Do I want to give up my gig playing the piano for the middle school choruses, (which I really enjoy)?
And most concerning, what about giving up my Babies and Books gig, which I have been doing for the last 13 years.
I kind of wish Ken wasn't ten thousand miles away, so we could hash this out.  He'd have some good advice for me.

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