Tuesday, January 01, 2013

September 2012

Good grief.
I last wrote here in September?
OK, let's catch up in Bullet Time (with photos) (of course).  One month at a time
  • Toward the end of September, I was invited on a San Francisco Photowalk with a start-up company (stipple.com).  Great group of people, fantastic photo fun, and at the end of the walk, the CEO sprang for supper at a really posh restaurant in Sausalito.
  • Ken's barbershop quartet at work made it to the final show of G-Factor (their version of X-factor), and they performed at Shoreline Amphitheater with the other Top 12 acts.  They didn't win, but they did great.    
  • We drove straight from the show to the airport, where Ken and Skip caught the red-eye to New York, for Skip to attend a Medalist Open House at Rensellaer Polytech (RPI, because I can NEVER spell that place).  He really liked the campus, and ran into the Chairman of the Material Science Department, who spent the better part of an hour trying to convince Skip that RPI was the place for him.  Yeah.  You wanna give us a quarter million dollars, so he can go there?  Skip brought RPI shirts back for the siblings.  They were impressed.  
  • The space shuttle Endeavour flew RIGHT OVER MY HOUSE!        
  • I got my first two Honourable Mentions (ok, my ONLY two) in a big Photography Scavenger Hunt on Google Plus.
  • I photographed the first dance of Kelly's 8th grade year.  I brought mustaches on sticks.  They were a huge hit.  
  • I introduced a girlfriend to the wonders of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  And we scored two free tickets, so she could take her husband there for his birthday later in the month.  We spent a lot of time shooting birds on the beach (she was testing out her new DSLR camera), but Nate and Kelly spent more time on the rides.    
  • We went to Natural Bridges State Park, to see if the butterflies had shown up yet.  No butterflies, but we did see a family portrait photographer, who probably won't be invited back in ONE family's life.      
  • Hooray for the beach!      
  • Beach ride.  Of course.  Afterwards, Kelly and her friend took care of the ponies, and then played in the pumpkin patch.
And yikes, THAT was September.

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