Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dragon Boats

 Yesterday was a hoot!

I took Kelly up towards the City, and beyond, pulling off of the Bay Bridge at Yerba Buena, and then down onto Treasure Island, for that was where the SF Dragon Boat Festival was happening.

On the flyer, and in the android app that I downloaded about the event, they avowed that there was ample FREE parking for the event, but by the time we got there, the ushers were flagging us lemmings into a giant parking lot, and then basically locked us in there.  That wasn't fun.  But I was soon able to extract the Mom Van and just drove to the far end of the island, and got one of the last remaining street parking spaces.  It wasn't that big of a walk, and we were soon at the festival.

We walked past the giant dancing wire chick.  Don't know what she's called, but she sure was cool.  And from my photographer friends, I know that she's incredible when she's lit up at night.  And you don't get the sense of scale here, but I'm about as tall as her foot.

As we were walking across the island, we stopped a few times.
Watch for passing bicycles.

And check out the view.

Here we are!
But first, a bit of fortification.
Kelly chose lemon.

Organic blueberry and chocolate cupcake from the Kara's Cupcake van.

Look to the left.  The starting line.

Look straight ahead.  Scenery!

Look left.  The finish line!

No shortage of entertainment.

But before we knew it, we'd been there three hours, had Cupcakes, great teriaki chicken skewers, fried rice, chow mein, bubble tea, and a roaring loud sunburn.
It was time to head back to the van, and head for home.

Goodbye, Treasure Island.

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