Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Musical Gene

We all acknowledge that Ken is a musical genius. Here's where the kids get an extra dose of Musical Genius from my side of the family.

My grandmother:

And my grandfather (with my mom accompanying him):

It's so odd. I look at that photo, and I know EXACTLY where it was taken. By the time I came around, that window behind my mom had a little stepped table in front of it with Christmas cacti and African violets. And behind my grandfather is a hexagonal window. I pushed really hard when we bought our house in Montreal because it had an identical window in the stairwell. Yes, not the BEST reason to buy a house, but a good 'icing on the cake'. And when I was a kid, the piano had moved to the wall behind Poppa's right shoulder. That was an inside wall. Better for the piano to not get whacked with strong temperature changes. Oh, and the linoleum on the floor (large floral pattern, you can sort of see it) was covered with carpet when I was a kid, but you could still see it in the hallway.

I miss that house.

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh, I miss it, too! I try and explain to my girls about the paradise that Nana and Papa had, but it just needed to be experienced. My words do not do it justice. sigh. At least we have memories... Love the pictures, by the way!

Just celebrated my thirty tenth birthday and thought of you. I love the way you celebrate the years.:) Lori