Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Never a dull moment

So, Kelly promotes out of 5th grade into Middle School tomorrow.

She's picked her dress... got it on sale. I was so proud! There's a photo somewhere.

But that's not what this is about.

She tried on her dress the other day, and it was very obvious that any design on her panties would be showing through the skirt.


And of course, ALL of her undies are brightly patterned.

So we needed flesh-toned panties.

Time to hit the mall. The clock was ticking.

As an aside, can I just say right here and now that it is NEARLY impossible to find neutral/nude panties for girls? They're all psychedelic brights with contrast elastic at top edge and leg holes. Argh.

But we finally found tan coloured panties at Justice. Ouch. I don't even pay that much for MY undies. I will not get into how they were "buy four, get four free!" and how the sales clerk couldn't figure out why I wouldn't want to spend twenty-four dollars to get eight pairs of panties that didn't even fit her all that well.

And now, after a last-minute professional pedicure (toe-photos tomorrow), and laying out her outfit, and making me promise to get her up early so that we can curl her hair, she is in bed.

And I come down stairs and turn on the TV to catch the end of So You Think You Can Dance, and in the commercial break it says "Tonight, late breaking news...!"

And I see this:

Police Investigating Fatal Shooting At Popular San Mateo Mall

Um, yeah. Looks like a contract hit about 15 feet away from where we'd been parked.

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