Thursday, June 10, 2010

Promotion Pool Party

Every year after the 5th grade promotion ceremony, the class goes on their last 'class trip', which is a celebratory trip to some local pool.

This year, one of the parents must have been a member at the semi-local swanky athletic club, because we got in there. And it was FAB!

There were party planners meeting us in the lobby, and escorting us (of COURSE I chaperoned!) to the party lawn, and the verandah where all the fancy tables with bamboo chairs had been set up for our convenience. And did we want mineral water over ice?

Yes, it was grand.

And we didn't have to take care of the kids, because there were Party Coordinators from the athletic club who marshalled the kids into all sorts of games and activities while the parents just sat in the shade with their iced mineral waters.

Yes, dah-ling.

There were water balloon launchers!

Somehow Kelly ended up holding the end of the launcher for many extra turns... either that, or I have an annoying tendency to only take photos of my own child.

It was so bright out, that my shutter (shooting all automatic all the time, because I am lazy like that) was super-super fast, so it was capturing all sorts of stuff, freeze-frame. Like a water balloon JUST before it broke in Kelly's hands...

...or water droplets, frozen as they bombard her in the pool.

And water-fights get frozen mid-splash, too.

I didn't see any of this until I got these photos onto my computer. It was so freakin' bright out there. But the kids loved it.

Whoa. Pasty-white child alert. Good thing we had the kids walk around in an spf-50 fog for the first half of the party.

Ooh. My brave little girl. Jumping in the deep end.

It was a perfect afternoon. And now it's time for summer vacation!

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