Thursday, June 24, 2010

Schedule change

Kelly's been in Victoria for the last 10 days. She's been having a grand old time with Grandma. I don't think they've even stopped to catch their breath the whole time.

I got an email from Ken's mom last night, apologizing that Kelly didn't really have enough time to keep up her journal (something that she makes ALL the grandchildren write while they are visiting), but that she knew we'd understand, because they'd been SO BUSY doing fun stuff, and that she was sure that Kelly would tell us all about her time when she got home.

That's this afternoon.

At noon, I checked the airline web page. Kelly's flight was scheduled to leave at 1:35. Yup. All's going according to schedule.

At 1:30, I checked the web page, and it looked like there was a bit of a delay. Take-off was scheduled for 1:50, reason being something about "Schedule Change due to Air Traffic Control". Um, yeah, Some of you may recall that when I went up to Canada in March., I ran up against that little 'reason', and it involved the plane losing its transponder... you know, the thing that tells everybody in the area "I'm a passenger plane, going from Point A to Point B" so that any trigger happy military base it might be flying near doesn't scramble fighter jets to go out and shoot it down. So I thought "Ah, a little bit of a transponder issue. Oh well. I'll give it 20 minutes, and hit the road."

So I got to the airport a little later than I'd originally planned, but that was fine. I had my camera, and it's always fun to take photos in the airport.

I was just getting into the elevator from the parkade when my phone rang. It was a number I didn't recognize, with an area code that wasn't local. Probably the airline, just making sure I'm on my way, I thought to myself.


It was Ken's mom.

She was calling from THEIR airport. Kelly's plane hadn't even left yet. It had taxi'd out the runway (hence the web site saying it had taken off, but later than originally scheduled), but had then returned to the terminal because of some mechanical malfunction.

Oh, it's always something.

So Kelly and Grandma were currently "visiting" with a ticketing clerk, seeing if they could get Kelly on tomorrow's flight. If that was the case, then Kelly would get an extra day with Grandma. Hey! I said, that'll give her extra time to work on her journal. Heh.

Or maybe the plane will magically be healed, and will take off just quite a bit later than planned.

Either way, it's a lovely monkey wrench tossed into the workings of my plans.

Because it's all about me, right?

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