Thursday, May 12, 2011

Catch up. Remy-2

Thursday, we were back to being busy-busy-busy.

Skip and Remy had a half-day (because of State-wide testing), so I met them at the local sushi place.

Remy assured me he really liked sushi. It was one of his favorites, in fact.

So I was surprised that he couldn't figure out his way around chopsticks.

(les baguettes-chinoise, if you're curious).


Oh well.

Once again, Remy was a big hit at the youth event at church. Alas, I didn't get the photo of him crashing mightily when he thought the flimsy plastic fence was something sturdy and strong. He went down with the fence like a ton of bricks. Got a nice bit of road rash, too.

Friday was another half-day at high school. I picked the boys up at 1130 (golly, that's early. Why bother going to school?) and we headed down to Google for one of their legendary Employee Lunches.

Take THAT, chaperones! Who else got to get a private tour of Google? Hmmm?

And on the way home, I stopped at a car dealership, so Remy could see some American Muscle cars.

This hot rod had a nasty oil leak gushing out the far side. I felt compelled to go into the dealership to tell the sales guy that his car was dying out front.

And while we were inside? What about a few more photos...?

Later, I was determined to NOT get taken to task for abandoning Remy, so when the littles got home from school there was NO sitting around. NO snacks! It was time to go outside.

First, some basketball...

Then a hike!

See the sign? Maybe we'll get lucky!

Or maybe we'll just have a nice hike through the woods...

There was almost no water in the lake.

(the water used to come up to the top of that intake pipe under the dock. Sheesh. I guess the city's expecting a flood, and they want to be ready with lots of reservoir space...)

But it still made for some nice photos before heading home.

Man, this is reminding me that the kids are sure missing Remy.

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