Monday, May 16, 2011

Catch up. Remy-6

Tuesday, we got up bright and early, and then lazed around a bit before heading south towards Santa Clara, and a little place called Sky High.

We had Cole and Carrie with us, too, and the six kids had a great time bouncing around on the trampolines.

But I tihnk the boys had the most fun playing in the dodge-ball court.

Then we ditched the girls, and I took the boys home.

Cole hadn't tried the tightrope yet, so we had to get that on film.

Then we thought we'd take another shot at seeing if the Golden Gate Bridge was fog shrouded.

Well... better than last time, but still not a full bridge.

We may have done a little bit of very loud singing on the rocks... It's fun to stay at the...

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