Friday, August 03, 2012

While he was gone. Part 2.

 Just to be clear... Ken *had* to go to Australia.  Secret can't-talk-about-it sort of stuff that keeps your online experience seamless.
Anyways.  he wasn't just tossing shrimps on the barbie and finding other words that were Australian for 'beer'. or anything.
And I like to think that we weren't lounging around here, either.
Nate had his Science Fair presentation.  The "Toaster Poster".

I was proud of him because you could tell that he did the whole thing himself.  Well, with a bit of help from Skip.
He also had his first flute concert.  I had a nasty seat, and not a really good angle on things.  But I was there.  And I tried to bring Ken in on a Google+ Hangout, but the Australian connectivity just stinks.  We tried the hangout (on our phones) to get Ken to see Skip's math awards, but he didn't see much between disconnects.

And!  And then!  His class performed "Gold Dust Or Bust", a musical about the Gold rush in California.  It was extremely cute.  I sat through BOTH performances.  And I pulled Kelly from class, so she could come in and be the make-up artist.

Such a cute show.  I still laugh, thinking about some of the numbers.
And Kelly's "Betsy Ross" dress from her 3rd grade biography project got another use.  Always good to see re-use of my efforts.

Oh, and I participated in a photo scavenger hunt on Google+.  One of the topics was "Horror", so I set up this in my little Hamster Studio.

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