Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photos and "noob" english

 While I am not taking "one photo per day", I do hope that by the end of the year, I'll have a collection of  366 photos that cover some (or maybe even most) of the high points of the year.

Here's a few more
155/366 Kelly and a friend went beach riding at the beginning of the summer.  I put this photo on the front of a photo album that I made for her friend.

157/366 On the first day of summer vacation, Toni and I took the girls out to the coast....

158/366 ...and this is the shot that I used on the photo album that I made for Carrie.

159/366 The constant wind makes flying a kite at the beach a real breeze (pardon the pun)

162/366 Squirty water park.  Kelly insists she's not going to get wet.

166/366 Skip leaves for summer camp.

168/366 Took Kelly and Nate camping on the beach during their first week of horse camp.

169/366 Kelly and her friends on the beach at sunset.  I always make them jump.  Heh.

Skip's on Day 2 of his senior year.  He's pretty much enjoying it.  Last night's "homework" was going over all the syllabi from all the courses, and having 'a parent or guardian discuss and sign" them.  Well, I couldn't let it go when his ENGLISH syllabus had, as part of the 'homework expectations' section...

"You should expect to have some homework two to three times.  Along with that, there are four novels to be read during the course of the year."

Hello?  Two to three TIMES?  You know I couldn't let that go.  Two to three times per what?  A week?  A day?  Each semester?  PER YEAR?

So I 'annotated' the syllabus.  Skip was alternately laughing and acting mortified.  I think the laughter eventually won out.  But, as he said "That's to be expected when you take "NOOB English"."

Yes, the child has ALL AP courses except for English.  Some day, he will want to write, and to become better at communicating, but that day is not now.  It's something he can pick up in College, and i have little doubt that a university communications class will be better at presenting what he needs, all things considered.

Ah... and at half-way to lunch time, Kelly and Nate start to stir.  Glad I got most of my work done for the day before 8am.  Today's the 'getting everything set up for school' day for them.  We're going through closets and drawers, and culling stuff that doesn't work for them.

And if I get adventurous, I might even take a back-hoe to the garage.  Ken's in negotiations for a replacement for The Purple Princess, which has served him well since 2001.  And it might be nice to be able to put the new steed in the garage until the new car smell has worn off.

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