Sunday, January 01, 2012


 The first day in Canada, the kids were all gung-ho to play in the snow.
Unfortunately, it was pushing 10C (50F).  Even though there had been a tiny snow miracle the night before, while the kids were playing in the hot tub, and big fluffy snowflakes had fallen, the night had just brought a wind storm, and a bit of rain.  We awoke to green and warm.  It was like a typical early April morning, except for the collection of winter birds that were visiting the feeders by the kitchen window.  (hello, 200-500mm lens.  Let's see what you can do)

With no snow to speak of around the house, we were pleased when mom and dad rolled into the driveway at 9 with news that they'd just been down to the camp (where Kelly and Nate had spent a week this past summer) to deliver some supplies, and had discovered that while it had rained at the house, it had SNOWED AT CAMP!  So without further ado, we piled into our snow gear (which seemed silly with the sun shining, and the temperatures at a level that we would routinely see in California on the way to school on a December morning), and headed off to camp.



The two camp dogs kept the kids company.

(talk about Christmas Miracles... Skip is actually PLAYING WITH THE DOGS!  He's been deathly afraid of dogs since he was wee, wee little, after being attacked by the neighbor's dog when he was a baby in Montreal.  I think he's actually outgrown his fear.  It was a beautiful thing to behold)
Nate, he's never really been afraid of anything...

Then Poppa said "You know, we should make a snowman back at the house.  What about if we make the balls, and take them home in the truck?"
Great idea!

The ball doesn't look that heavy when you're rolling it... but when you have to get it in the truck...?

This was repeated two more times.  I'm surprised the truck could hold all the snow.
Then it was time for photos.
Nate never saw it coming...

Back at the house, it was time for Snowman Assembly.
I'm really surprised nobody got a hernia.

It was such a gloriously sunny day.  I couldn't believe the beautiful weather.

Honestly. Hernia?

The finished product.  He looked good... until the rains came last night.

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