Saturday, December 31, 2011

For the Birds

 The weather has been pretty nice here.  Kind of icky at night, but pretty sweet during the days.
I've been watching the birds go nuts at the feeders, watching from the warmth and security of the kitchen nook, and shooting out the window.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna set up a faux-blind on the deck, and shoot the feeders from a different angle, as I'm not really happy with all the window glare that's showing up in my photos.  But for now, I've had a few successes.
Hello, Flicker.

Oh, sweet little plain brown birdie.  Glad you're liking one of the myriad of sunflower heads that the folks harvested from the crop that sprouted from last winter's droppings.  I bet you're dropping seeds all over the garden to plant next year's crop, too.

This tower feeder gets filled twice a day.  It's quite popular.

Here, you can see the glare on the window.  It's so sunny that everything reflects.

Shortly after I took this, mom looked out, and said "Kem, get your camera."
There had been an accident.
One of the little buddies had flown into the wind-break on the patio and was stunned.

When mom reached down, he was very willing to just step onto her finger, and recover slowly on a nice warm perch.  He stepped onto Kelly's hand about as easily as Jewel usually does.  He was quite docile as he came to his senses.

She put him carefully back onto the feeder, so he could recover around a nice buffet.

And he sat for a moment and thought...

And then flew away.

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