Monday, April 10, 2006

26/52 ABC *G*

26/52 ABC *G* 4/10/2006
Ah, the places my brain could GO as I think about G.

A trip down Memory Lane, perhaps.

First and foremost: GIRLFRIENDS

That photo's just too old. Time for J-Jumping to come back for another GALUMPH through my GARDEN.

Until then...

A GIRL wearing GREEN...

And last, and not GORY at all...


The three kids were playing "Demolition!" (their word, not mine) this morning, which involved some loosely structured game of hitting each other with the sofa-cushions and trying to commit gross bodily harm while laughing like hyenas, suddenly, Kelly grabs her face, and says "Hey, Skip! You did it! Oh!" and there's her tooth, sitting in her hand. He'd just delivered a smashing body blow with the largest of the square cushions, and I was wondering if she was going to grab her neck and shriek "I need a lawyer, Whiplash!"

Quite frankly, with the way the game was going, I was really surprised that she didn't just swallow that sucker down.

So now, the Tooth Fairy has just visited her little nest, taking away the First Tooth that she'd put in a mini zip-lock bag, and replacing it with a matching baggie that contains a quarter. Also, beside her bed is a little battery-powered dragonfly night-light left behind with the quarter.

Another milestone.

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