Saturday, April 08, 2006

First of the White Hot Wigglers

First of the White Hot Wigglers 4/8/2006
We are a family that is late to lose teeth.

I didn't think so, having lost my first tooth the summer before I started school (but then again, I didn't go to Kindergarten, so maybe I am a bit of a late bloomer after all), but my kids seem to be trailing the pack. Skip didn't lose his first tooth until half way through first grade. All his friends lost teeth in kindergarten. Even the youngest in the class.

I had equal thoughts for Kelly, expecting that she would be well into second grade before anything started loosening up. All of her classmates are sporting gap-toothed grins these days.

Thursday morning, I took the troops to the dentist. All three at one shot. Here you go, Mr. Dentist. Have at them.

Three clean bills of health, though Skip is a Heavy Plaque Accumulator. (ack)

Kelly was thrilled that she was going to be able to show the dentist her new bumps. No, she's not in need of a bra any time soon. THESE new bumps were on three new teeth poking through the back of her jaw. Her Six Year molars are making an appearance. Right on time.

And when she came out of the exam room, the dentist had a bit of news. In his poking and prodding around, he'd managed to start her first loose tooth.

She's been worrying that thing ever since.

I believe the days of a nice even set of mini pearly whites will soon be a thing of the past.

Bring on the gap-toothed grins.

But let me get some photos of her great smile with ALL the teeth in it first...

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