Friday, March 21, 2008

Yarn Accident

Just 'keeping it real', here's the damage from the Yarn Accident.

Or, um, PART of the damage from the Yarn Accident.

Fleeeeeeeeeece... Arteeeeeeeeeeest.

It's the blue one on the right side that I'll be making Wisp out of on the plane.  The red one on the left is the gift for the French Knitter.


There were a few more yarn accidents.  But they're already being assimilated.


That's Ken's sock, crossing the border on Tuesday afternoon. Sock says, "Hello, Canada, I'm in Washington right now, and you can hardly tell."  That's 3 skeins of Sandesgarn Smart in Cherry Red, and one skein in Red Tweed.

Here's a better shot of the border:

"Children of a Common Mother" indeed.  The tramp.

And this is what happens when you stuff your knitting quickly into your carry-on for the trip through security.  Yeah, that'd be a needle that used to hold 14 stitches.

I'll be more careful today.

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