Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doctor, My Eyes.

So, a few weeks back, I went in for my once-every-whenever-I-remember eye exams.  I think this is the third time since Nate was born.  So I'm almost once every two years.  Almost as good as my "yearly" physical.


Anyways, turns out that my eyes really ARE getting a little worse.  And my use-them-when-I-remember reading glasses that I got back when Nate was a baby aren't doing the best job in keeping me seeing thing sharply.

As I was chatting with the doctor (a wonderfully personable young man that I want desperately to be my friend, now) he said "You know, August is Kid Vision Month here.  How are your kids' eyes?"

Whoops.  You mean I'm supposed to be taking kids to the EYE doctor, too?  I can barely get them signed up for Well Kid visits every year or so.  But I was at the receptionist's desk, and she was very helpful, and the next thing I knew, I was being a pro-active parent, and making sure my kids all saw with their best eyes.

Their appointments were today.

I think Skip found all the apparatus quite fascinating.  Towards the end of the visit, the doctor said "If your Science Fair project ends up being vision-related, come see me, and I'll help you with it."


And it was fun being on the spectator side of the vision exams, watching him turn dials, and flip lenses in and out and watch what it did to the kids.

They also do this laser retina-mapping thing that's WAY cool.  So we all got to see the insides of the kids' eyes.  Everyone is VERY healthy.  A good thing.

The upshot of things?

All the kids are farsighted.  But nominally so.  The sort of thing that most all kids are born with, that gives them spectacular distance vision.

But of the three kids, Kelly is the MOST far-sighted. 

And so...

Good golly, Miss Molly, you'd thought it was Christmas all over again when the doctor said "I do think that Kelly should get glasses"  The biggest grin spread across her face.  My goodness, you'd think getting glasses was a fashion statement, or something.

Of course, it helps that her best friend has glasses, and Kelly thinks she's just the Coolest of the Cool Beans.


So off we went to the doctor's in-house optometrist.

And she'll be a glasses-wearing fashion maven in a week and a half.  Just in time for the first day of Fourth Grade.

(apologies for the craptacular camera-phone shots)

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