Monday, August 18, 2008


It would appear that Exoskeletor passed away peacefully some time yesterday. Live fast, die young, I guess. He was 24. That'd be DAYS old. And he was about as big as my thumb nail.

I thought Nate might be upset about losing one of his 'pets', but when I asked him if he'd noticed anything about his Triops, he made jazz hands, and rolled his eyes back in his head while sticking out his tongue. Yes, the international symbol for "death".

So now begins the Triops Deathwatch 2008. My guess is that Junior (the slightly smaller Triops, which, I think, probably hatched a day or two AFTER Exoskeletor) won't be far behind in his trip over the Rainbow Bridge.

When I told Nate about it, his response was "Great! Then we can start another batch?"

I guess I'm raising a farmer, or something. Finish the first crop, and get the second crop rotated in asap.

My jet-setting daughter is once again out of the house.

This week, it's Horse Camp. Hmm. I wonder if this is turning me into some sort of Stepford Wife (or Stepford Mother?). But THIS horse camp is no country-club walk in the park with English Saddles, or anything. They go out to this ramshackle farm (and I use the term loosely. It's more like an assortment of nearly-abandoned 5th wheels up on blocks), and spend the day gathering the horses, cleaning them, grooming them, feeding them, herding the goats that escape, gathering eggs from the chickens, re-filling the old wheelbarrow that acts as the impromptu duck pond, and THEN they get to ride. It's sort of child labour, but the kids LOVE it.

Last week, we had her BFF from 2nd grade come visit. Kate moved away last year, so Kelly had to break in a new BFF for school, but she still has a soft spot in her heart for Kate. And the feeling's mutual. So Kate's parents have kept in touch, and on Thursday, we went and got Kate for an extended play date.

First, there was play time:

Then there was a sleep-over.

THEN there was a trip to the aquarium!

And how cool is this? LEAFY SEA DRAGONS! And weedy sea dragons! And pot bellied sea horses.

No sooner had we returned from a full day at the aquarium, than it was time to pack a bag, and send Kelly off with Kate's family... TO YOSEMITE.

I swear this child has a wilder set of opportunities than I *ever* knew. Heh.

Somewhere, there are photos of Yosemite. Not on my camera, though. I wasn't invited.

Ah, there's one:


She gets delivered home Sunday afternoon, and no sooner has she walked in the door than the phone is ringing with ANOTHER friend wondering if she's busy.

Of. Course. Not.

So more playing!

And this time? Because she's going into 4th grade, and wants her independence? We let the girls go off on a bike hike in the neighbourhood. it's probably the safest place in the universe, our neighbourhood on a Sunday afternoon, but my heart was still in my throat until they came charging back up the driveway, wanting ice cream.

And I want her to be able to bike to school this year? Eek. I'd better loosen the apron strings a bit more.

While the mighty bike hikers were off on their trip, I took a few photos in the yard.

We have visitors.

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