Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wasting TIme

Man, there is BARELY a week left of summer vacation, and I had a list as long as my arm of stuff that I just KNEW I had enough time to do this summer (do I even dare admit that I thought I'd be able to paint the outside of the house and the fences this summer?  Egads).


Buh-bye summer.  Hope the door doesn't hit you on the way out.  Yikes.

I know that we did SOMETHING, but right now, I'm thinking that I have very little to show for a summer of sloth.

Oh yeah.  I upgraded the glasses.

Hmm.  OK, I also upgraded the hairdo.  And it looks like I got a good start on the furrowed brow look, too.


But my downfall has been this:

Captioning photos.  I could do this all day long.  And then I giggle at how clever I am, and it's no WONDER there are huge dust bunnies on the stairs, and Skip doesn't know where his phone charger is.

But that's ok.  I poke fun at him, too.


Next week is Horse Camp for Kelly, and I foresee a lengthy time of captioning horse-faced photos.

Sloth, it is the best of the seven deadly sins.

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