Friday, September 26, 2008

Being Punished

On Wednesday, when the plumber came out to take a look-see under the house, I was given a window of time when he "might" arrive. (Back Story: We had a routine termite inspection last week, and the termite guy, when he came out from under the house, said "So, how long has your kitchen drain not been attached to the main drain? You really should have a plumber look at that. Soon." Egads!)

This is what the phone call sounded like:

Scheduler: I have you scheduled for Wednesday, between 9 and noon. Can you be home during that time?

Me: Yes, But I'll be dropping kids off at school until 9, and I have to leave at twelve to get kids from school, as it's a half-day.

Her: OK, I'll have the plumber call you when he's on his way, so you'll have a better idea of when he will be at your house.

So as I hear that? The plumber's gonna call, right?

Wednesday morning rolls around.

I'm doing the 3-kid shuffle.

And I realize I'm almost out of gas.

And I've got a ton of processed books for the Elementary School library in the back of the van.

And I look at my watch and think "He'll be there between NINE and NOON. I bet I can go get gas, and drop off these books, and STILL get home by 9. And won't I be efficient?"

So I drop off the kids, and scream off to the gas station, and fill the tank, and then scream back to the school to drop off the boxes of books to go into the collection, and it's 9:05, and I'm just a bit nervous, but not TOO nervous, because HEY, you know how the cable company works... they tell you 9 to noon, and then arrive at 1:30 looking all innocent.

And my phone rings.

"Hello, this is the scheduler at the plumber's office. Can I get your address? He says he's at your house, and there's nobody home."


SO I apologize profusely, and say I'm a half mile from home (only a slight under-estimate) and heading home, and she says "Well, I knew that you'd said you have to drop kids off at school..."

Fast forward to this morning.

The scheduler phoned Wednesday afternoon, once they found out that they're going to have to take TWO plumbers the ENTIRE MORNING to replace the plumbing disaster under the house, and I've been scheduled for Friday morning. And because it's a big job, I'm the FIRST TICKET on their schedule, and they will be here at 8:30 SHARP.

Yes, I said, I will be SURE to be home. I'll have someone else take the kids to school.

And now it's 9:25.

And there's NO SIGN of the plumbers.

And I'd really, really, REALLY like to be able to use my kitchen sink. And the dishwasher. And I probably shouldn't use the washing machine this morning, if they're going to be fiddling with the MAIN DRAIN under the house...

So I guess I'm being punished for my tardiness on Wednesday.


In other news, I think S'more is in heat.

Good grief, she went off like a Mad Cow last night. We had her out for a minute, she got to have a little kissy-through-the-bars with Midnight (Kelly's idea), and then she turned into a complete nut bar. She was racing around her cage, rubbing against the bars, rolling over on her back, running in circles, then suddenly stopping to scratch herself.

Oh good grief, I hope she doesn't have fleas. That would be the worst!

Actually, if she had scrapies, that would be worst. Apparently, hamsters CAN get a prion-sourced disease much like Mad Cow Disease.


Ah! Word from the plumber.

Apparently, one of the plumbers who was coming to the house today (we need two... ca-CHING) had a family emergency this morning.

They're on their way. Should be here before 10:30.

I wonder if they'll work faster, so they can be done by noon.

Fingers crossed.

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