Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Happy Couple. To scale.

S"more is getting more and more accustomed to her surroundings.

The little bits of peanut butter on the fingertips seem to be really doing the job. She nearly comes running now, when she hears Kelly coming into the room.

Of course, Midnight is all Johnny on the Spot when he hears her, because he's just HOPING that he'll get taken out of his cage, and get to see... HER... the love of his life.

I swear, it's hilarious. Kelly will handle S'more first, and then she'll put her back in her cage to groom herself, and when she goes over to Midnight's cage, he's standing up on his hind legs, waiting to get picked up (through his cage door in the roof of his house) And when Kelly reaches in to pick him up, his first order of business is to lick her fingers, everywhere his Beloved has walked.

Kelly's getting a real good introduction into the world of Animal Magnetism.

And she can hardly wait for S'more to be old enough to 'date'.

So she teases the hammies with supervised visits.

(stupid S'more has decided to build her nest in her penthouse exercise ball. That makes her only slightly smarter than Midnight, who uses his exercise ball as a porta-potty)

"Look, mom. They're trying to kiss through the cage!"

I don't know if you can get the idea of exactly HOW much bigger Midnight is than S'more. He's probably three times her size, maybe four, weight-wise.



And S'more, in the same set of hands.

Awww. More kissing!

But I should pack it in.

Dawn came early this morning... ouch. This Monday, Wednesday, Friday jazz band zero period business is killing me.

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