Friday, September 26, 2008

Child Labour

Well, the plumbers arrived.

Right on time.

So I've got my Russian plumber, with his Central American assistant, and I'm hearing instructions being given under the house in heavily Russian-accented Spanish.

Ooh! I just heard a pipe crash and a bang under the house, and some very colorful language. If only I was quicker, I could be learning International Swear Words.

And my inlaws just came back from their morning constitutional, only to discover that there's NO WATER IN THE HOUSE.

No taps. No washing. No watering. And Absolutely No Flushing.


Let me say it again.


So Ken's folks are going to leave early for their luncheon with Ken at New Hip Company. And they'll stop at the mall on the way there, so they can wash up after their strenuous 3 mile walk. Yes, the morning constitutional really is something of merit. None of this namby-pamby walk around the block business. They walked to the NEXT CITY OVER, and back.

Yikes, there was just some loud noses, and the sounds of power tools, and a giant SHUDDERING under the house.

And it sounds like the plumbers are RIGHT beside me. Who knew that floors stop sound about as well as bedroom walls.

My folks arrive this afternoon.

They'll be staying at a local hotel. They like their space.

(good grief, there's that house-shuddering pipe-cutting again)

Have I mentioned that I haven't knit a SINGLE STITCH since we were together with them in Oregon... in JULY?

I think since then (when I taught my mom how to knit socks) she's knit TWO PAIRS of the things.

I suck as a knitter.

Oh, that reminds me, I bought some great sock yarn for mom as a giftie for when they arrive. Gotta go find that... brb.

... OOH! I bought TWO skeins of that yarn. Maybe we'll knit socks together this weekend.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. 68. I remember when he turned 40. It really doesn't seem like that long ago. And why did he seem SO OLD when he turned 40, and I'm 43, and I don't feel a day over 20. Yikes.

Tomorrow is my folks' 45th anniversary.

I meant to make them one of those snapfish photo albums. Whoopsie. That'll have to wait until Christmas. Argh, I'm a bad daughter. Lots of ambition, and absolutely ZERO follow-through.

(uh oh. Now the plumbers are yelling at each other. This does not sound good. Maybe I should bake them something).

Heh. I just realized that I titled this entry because I actually, like, you know, had a TOPIC in mind when I started.

This is what I've been putting Kelly to work doing these last few weeks.

She's my little library-slave.

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