Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Tea

I ran into an old friend earlier this week, and she happened to have an extra ticket to this evening Christmas Tea, and invited me along.

I am so glad that Skip is old enough to babysit (at the drop of a hat, even), and I can just leave the house and know that the kids are safe. Ken had a meeting, so I asked Skip to make sure the kids were in bed at a reasonable hour, and hoped that he'd study, maybe just a little bit himself.

And then I got all dolled up, and headed out to a swank hotel for an evening of Holiday Fun.

It was a Dessert Social. And it was catered.

You know that game Six Degrees of Separation. At my table? It was TWO degrees. I knew two of the 10 ladies going in. One, my old friend who invited me, the other a woman who hosts one of the local Moms In Touch groups, and who I've known for five or so years. And then I met the woman sitting beside me.

Me: You look sort of familiar. Have we met before?

Her: I don't know. Do you go to church?

Me: Yes, over at *my church*

Her: Hmm. No, we're over at *other church*

Me: Oh! Is Alex (friend of mine) the music director there?

She: Yes! My husband knows him, too. He plays drums for Alex.

Me: Oh man! Is your husband the drummer for *cool hip Jazz Combo*? I sang with them last year!

She: Oh! I watched you perform!

Another conversation, once the subject changed to hobbies (which is always does when you get ten women at a table yacking)

She: Do you quilt?

Me: Yes, but not for several years. But my daughter wants to start, so I've been taking her to *local quilting shop*

She: That's my store! No wonder you looked familiar.

And another woman looks across the table...

"Hey, do you have a son doing Kung Fu over at *our academy*?"

Yup. I'd met her at Kung Fu last year.

And then I look across the room, and there, at another table? One of the girls I chaperoned on the Disneyland band trip two years ago.

It's a small world, after all.

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