Monday, December 07, 2009

Donuts with Dad

Donuts with Dad.

Nate's class had this wonderful event the other day called "Donuts with Dad'. The kids all wrote letters to their dads (or other significant male influence in their lives), inviting them for a breakfast in the classroom right after the first bell.

One of the other mothers was in charge of the "donuts". I took it upon myself to ensure that the dads had some high-test in a red paper cup. Starbucks!

I was amazed at the turn-out, considering that it's a work day, this is Silicon Valley, and it's fast approaching the holidays.

Nate was pretty pleased to show his dad off.

And once Ken had consumed his first cup of coffee, the teacher put him to work (as the tallest dad in the class) tacking the Arctic Circle back up onto the ceiling.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to start putting kids to bed early. Skip is in the doghouse, as he started his "big Project" last night... this would be the one that was due today.

He was up until after midnight.

He owes me THREE HOURS OF SLEEP. Not like you can actually 'bank' sleep, but I'm sending him to bed two hours early for the next three nights. Just to piss him off.

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