Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Milestones, we have them.

Also, big news from Saturday:

My camera hit its 50,000th shutter count.

Yes, I have taken 50,000 photos with my D90, since getting it for Christmas from Ken nearly 2 years ago.

Perhaps I should say that I have 'pressed the trigger' 50,000 times, because we ALL know that many of the results of taking a picture don't really result in a picture that you want anyone to see.

And I will say that my 50,000th shot isn't anything great, either. But at least it wasn't a complete throw-away.

In other news, Jewel is a magpie.

He was sitting on my shoulder this afternoon while I was home for lunch, and all snuggled up to me, whispering in my ear, and grooming me, when suddenly he started nibbling at my earlobe, and the next thing I know...

POP! He's plucked the amethyst out of my earring.

That little stinker! And you know he's not going to drop it, just because I say "DROP IT!" with my stern voice, and hold my hand under his beak. Sheesh.

I figured I was going to have to check the newspaper in the bottom of his cage for the next few days, when he suddenly looked at me, turned aside, and "ptooey", spit the amethyst out onto my lap.

Time to pull out the super glue.

Ken is home with Man Flu today.

No. He really is sick. A barking, rumbly cough, and an inability to regulate his temperature. And of course, he is scared to death of 'medicine', so the only thing I can give him is stuff from the kids' medicine chest. Good thing Triaminic is weight-based in its dosing.

And the kids didn't like the cherry flavoured Mucinex, anyways, and that's been working wonders on his cough.

Of course, now I have sympathy-pains in my neck. I better not be getting sick. I've got too much to do.

Kelly's friend Heather has a new puppy today. They went to all the shelters in the area yesterday, and came away with a dog that looks nothing like the much beloved BamBam, and is a darling love-bug in his own right. I am very proud of how the girls have all rallied around her, helping her to heal and grieve, while at the same time being encouraging about her new responsibilities for this retired circus clown (ok, he's not REALLY from the circus, but he sure acts like it).

My mom went in for surgery this morning at 6am. No news is good news, right?

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