Saturday, October 02, 2010

Sad Phone Call

One of Kelly's new dear friends has these two large oafish dogs named Pebbles and Bam-Bam. I think they may share a brain cell between the two of them, but otherwise, they are dear, loving, soft, gentle big guys. When Kelly goes over to Heather's house, Bam-Bam follows her around, and at sleepovers, he tries to crawl into her sleeping bag, and when he finally realizes that he doesn't fit, he flops across the top of it. As you may guess, this tickles Kelly to no end, having a furry, slobbering groupie.

It's after 10, and the phone's just rung.

It was Heather on the phone, asking for Kelly. At first, I said "I'm sorry, honey, but she's in bed and asleep. Can I take a message?" and that's when she burst out, tearfully, with "I'm sorry. Bam-Bam just got hit by a car. I *have* to tell Kelly."

Oh man.

It is one of the heartbreaks of childhood, losing a pet. And I really feel like Kelly, among ALL of Heather's friends, is the one that is going to feel this loss the hardest, the most like it was her own pet that just died.

Of course, I said "Heather, honey, I am going to wake her up. You do need to talk to her, and you can talk as long as you want."

Kelly's eyes popped open when I turned on the light in her room, and I handed her the phone. "Heather has some sad news" I whispered as i handed her the phone. And my eyes welled up with tears as I could hear Heather's voice, and watch as the shocked recognition crossed Kelly's face as well.

We want to protect our kids from these sadnesses. But they happen anyways.

And much as I want to give Kelly a hug and tell her it'll be ok eventually, I want to do it to Heather more. You see, on Wednesday, she'll be getting on a plane and heading out east. Her grandfather just died suddenly, and the funeral is next weekend.

The hits, they just keep coming.

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