Monday, October 04, 2010

Horses, horses, and more horses.

So, still talking about Saturday.

It was a day full of horses.

After we finished up with the beach ride, we took Lauren home, and then Kelly and I headed out again, in search of more adventure.

The daughter of a friend of mine was scheduled to compete at the Woodside Fall Finale. My friend had suggested that Kelly might enjoy seeing her daughter perform and compete. Unfortunately, her daughter's horse got injured this week, and they had to pull out of the competition, but she still encouraged me to get to the show, and see what we could see.

It was a HOOT! There were NO ugly horses.

And every horse was groomed to perfection. Brushed, and polished, and not a hair out of place. Even their butts were well groomed.

And let's not forget the fancy little horse-ear hats.

Such beautiful horses. Kelly wanted me to take photos of each and every one.

(but don't worry. I won't post photos of each of them)

And so scenic.

Every time we watched a jump, Kelly would say "I can't believe I'm SEEING THIS!" Because we were RIGHT THERE. Right at the edge of the arenas. Right there where the horse spit flicked on us as they cantered past.

Truly, so close we could touch them.

Of course, the whole place was bathed in a vat of 'too much money', which made me feel muy awkward at times, but I did appreciate the free meatball buffet that the rich horse people put on for us lowly folks in the middle of the afternoon.

And it was a great show.

And let's not forget the price: Free.

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