Sunday, October 03, 2010

Embrace the Good Moments

One of my readers, a good friend, said it well, when he noted: "difficult times make it all the more important to embrace the good moments".

And there have, honestly, been far more good than bad in our lives. Even yesterday. Yes, it ended with sad and shocking news, but that was at the end of a whirlwind of amazing adventures. I just checked my shutter count on the camera, and it was a 1000+ photo day.

So let's just celebrate all the good from yesterday.

Her friend Lauren came over at 730 yesterday morning, and before anyone got too comfortable, we hopped in the van and headed out onto the highway.

Where to?

You have to ask?

Also good? She got to pick her horse.

Side note: She did ask to ride Eddie, but Jorge kind of looked skeptical, and said that Eddie hadn't been ridden much, even though he was on the line, and was so spunky this morning, that he worried about letting anyone ride him. But Kelly had a great attitude, and got to ride her second favourite horse in the whole place. And Samurai has SUCH a soft coat. His forehead is silky like a rabbit's foot.

And we both love his white appaloosa butt.

More good:

It was so foggy, there was hardly anyone on the beach. And the waves were incredible.

We all probably should have been keeping a closer eye on those incredible waves, though.

Right after I took this photo...

...that wave in the middle right of the screen just rolled in, and went up the beach to where that far left horse is. Kelly and the guide got hit so quickly that their boots ended up full of seawater.

More good? If Kelly *had* been riding Eddie, she'd probably still be heading south. Eddie is a big chicken about getting his feet wet, and he'd probably have bolted after he got slammed with the wave.

It made for a good story.

"MOM! Did you see that wave??? It splashed right up to the saddle pad! And Samurai was SO BRAVE! But now my foot is numb, and I think my boot is still full of water."

I don't know if you can see it, but there's a water-mark just below her knee. Her pant leg is soaked. And Samurai is wet up the front of his chest, and all along his belly. Rogue waves. They're really quite sneaky.

But everyone came home safe. And it was only Kelly and the guide that really got hit by the wave.

More good: Eddie was waiting for Kelly when they returned. And I had a big bag of carrots in the van.

And because Samurai was so brave, of COURSE he got lots of carrot treats, too.

Look at that! So much goodness, and it's not even lunch time.

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